Who invented car spinners?

Answer James D. Gragg of the American Tru Spinners company claims to have invented the first spinners in the 1980s. Gragg was issued a patent for his invention in 1994. Gragg's invention built on other pr... Read More »

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Who invented Sprewell spinners?

David Fowlkes, of Devon, Pennsylvania, invented the Sprewell spinners. The Sprewell spinners are a special type of hubcap wherein the device spins by itself even when the car is not in motion. Davi... Read More »

Who invented paper spinners?

The paper spinner, also known as a thaumatrope, was invented in 1826 by Dr. J. A. Paris. His original prototype featured a bird on one side of the spinner and a cage on the other. When the device w... Read More »

Spinners for Probability?

Spinners are visual aids with a segmented face and moving pointer used for demonstrating probabilities. Unlike static illustrations, such as those used when teaching fractions, spinners enable acti... Read More »

Rims non spinners?

they are worth about 75 no tires 125/150 with good tires