Who invented candy cigarettes?

Answer World's Confections, a candy manufacturer with over 100 years of experience, is said to have produced the original candy cigarettes. Tobacco companies overlooked any copyright infringements regardi... Read More »

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Where to buy candy cigarettes in florida?

When the ice cream man came, he always had candy cigarettes. Or u can try the dollar store

Where did candy cigarettes originate?

The exact origin of the candy cigarette is unknown. World Confections is said to have started manufacturing the candies in 1915. The candy sticks are tipped with red and boxed to make them resemble... Read More »

Can I give someone second hand diabetes if I smoke my candy cigarettes around them?

ROFL....To be respectful to diabetics, please only smoke your candy cigarettes in designated smoking areas. (((Princess)))PS) I wonder at times what you are smoking to come up with questions like ... Read More »

When were Camel cigarettes invented?

The cigarettes with the now iconic 'Joe Camel' mascot were introduced in 1913 by the Reynolds Tobacco Co. Camels became the first nationally popular cigarette in the United States. Camels contain a... Read More »