Who invented book bags?

Answer Dick Kelty invented the back pack, or book bag, in the 1950s. Kelty invented the back pack as a way to carry his climbing equipment in a much easier and convenient way.Source:Love to Know:Who Inven... Read More »

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When were book bags invented?

Book bags, the ones we know today as messenger bags, evolved from the bags Pony Express riders used in the 1860s. The riders placed the mail into mochilas, threw them across their saddles and rode... Read More »

Book Bags for Children?

Children use book bags for most of their lives. Even little ones need a book bag as soon as they begin to express an interest in reading. School age kids certainly depend on book bags for everyday ... Read More »

Who invented tea bags?

Thomas Sullivan accidentally invented the tea bag in 1908. To cut costs, he sent tea in small silk bags to his clients. His clients dunked the tea in the hot water, bag and all. He only realized hi... Read More »

Who invented plastic bags?

Plastic bags were invented in the early 1960s by Sten Gustaf Thulin. At the time, he was working for a Swedish company named Aktiebolaget Celloplast, which acquired the patent in 1965.Source:Polyet... Read More »