Who invented blues music?

Answer Blues music was not invented by one particular person in a specific place or time. Instead, blues music developed over the course of the past 150 years or so, with contributions from a number of di... Read More »

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What is blues music?

While blues music can't compete with the hip hop and rock 'n' roll songs that dominate popular music charts, these genres sprang from the blues. The blues is an American musical invention and has h... Read More »

What Is Rhythm & Blues Music?

Rhythm & Blues (also called R&B) is a broad term used to classify a wide range of popular music. It is usually used when talking about music created and listened to by a predominantly African Ameri... Read More »

When was blues music started?

Blues music, an indigenous American art form, has a "father" but no clear conception date. As a synthesis of various African-American musical styles, blues music received its mainstream identity th... Read More »

Who created blues music?

No one person can be credited with creating the blues, a genre of music that evolved from slave-field hollers, spirituals and rhythmic dance tunes in the Mississippi Delta region of the U.S. in the... Read More »