Who invented biscuits?

Answer Biscuits are small, baked breads made from flour, liquid, shortening and baking powder. The British and Australians refer to cookies as biscuits. According to the Wheat Foods Council, biscuits were... Read More »

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Biscuits with gravy Biscuits with Honey Or Biscuits with Butter Which from this list do you like better?

Biscuits with honey...yum yum yum...or biscuits with honey mustard! Even more yummy!

What biscuits should I eat?

Chocolate, always go with the chocolate first.

I have an obsession over biscuits!?

Say NO to biscuits. look that damn biscuit in the eye and say I WILL STOP EATING YOUR KIND

What other uses do biscuits have apart from being eaten?

My first wife made some once that were so heavy that they could have made great doorstops!