Who invented beveled glass?

Answer No one knows exactly who invented beveled glass. According to the book "How to Work in Beveled Glass," it "appears to be more or less a direct descendant of glass grinding." The book's authors expl... Read More »

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Who invented the spy glass?

Hans Lippershey invented the spyglass in 1608. The spyglass was a tube with a glass lens that could be used to see objects at a distance of up to 1 miles away. Galileo made improvements on Lippers... Read More »

When was glass invented?

Archaeologists believe that glass was invented around 2500 BC in Mesopotamia, an area which corresponds nowadays to Iraq as well as some parts of Syria, Iran and Turkey. It originally was used as a... Read More »

Who invented tempered glass?

Tempered glass was invented by Francis de la Bastie of France in 1874. He discovered that, by reheating and cooling glass in a particular way, it would crumble into pieces when it broke. This was p... Read More »

Who invented safety glass?

French chemist Edouard Benedictus accidentally invented safety glass in 1903 when he dropped a glass flask containing remnants of a cellulose nitrate mixture. The glass broke but the fragments rema... Read More »