Who invented beveled glass?

Answer No one knows exactly who invented beveled glass. According to the book "How to Work in Beveled Glass," it "appears to be more or less a direct descendant of glass grinding." The book's authors expl... Read More »

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Who invented the spy glass?

Hans Lippershey invented the spyglass in 1608. The spyglass was a tube with a glass lens that could be used to see objects at a distance of up to 1 miles away. Galileo made improvements on Lippers... Read More »

Why was stained glass invented?

it was invented for religious reasons

Who invented stained glass?

Although colored glass has been worked since ancient Egypt, pieces of colored glass that were found at St. Paul's Monastery in Jarrow, England, represent one of the oldest known uses of colored gla... Read More »

Who invented the glass mirror?

The process of adding metal to the back of glass to create mirrors was first used in the late Middle Ages. The quality was poor and the inventor of the process is unknown. During the 16th century, ... Read More »