Who invented ball point ink pens?

Answer The ballpoint ink pen was invented by Hungarian Laszlo Biro. During his time working for a Hungarian newspaper, he became frustrated by the tendency of fountain pens to leak and realized that he co... Read More »

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Who invented biro ball point pens?

Hungarian inventor Ladislas (Laszlo) Biro invented the ballpoint pen. Laszlo and his brother Georg improved upon previously existing pens to come up with a ballpoint. In the UK ballpoint pens are... Read More »

When was the ball point pen invented?

In 1888, the first ballpoint pen with a reservoir of ink and a roller ball tip was invented by American John Loud, a leather tanner. His invention was patented, however, never used or produced. In... Read More »

Who invented the ball point pen&in what year?

In 1881, American leather tanner John Loud patented a roller-ball-tip pen. Because the ink clogged, however, his invention was never produced, nor were any of the 350 ballpoint pens patented over t... Read More »

What is the difference between roller point&ballpoint pens?

Affordable and reliable, the ubiquitous ballpoint pen is the standard of writing instruments. From this pen evolved the rollerpoint ball pen, providing the writer with the style of the fountain pe... Read More »