Who invented amperes?

Answer An ampere is a unit of electrical current denoting the flow of one coulomb past a given point in a circuit in one second. A coulomb is the quantity of negative charge of 6.28 x 10-18th electrons. T... Read More »

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How do I Convert HP to Amperes?

James Watt coined the term "horsepower" as a marketing ploy to promote his steam engine. The conversion of horsepower to watts involves a simple conversion. The conversion of watts to amperes, howe... Read More »

How to Calculate Coulombs From Amperes?

A coulomb is a unit of charge equal to the charge carried by 6x10^18 electrons. An ampere is a unit of current, or charge per unit time. One ampere is equal to one coulomb of charge per second. In ... Read More »

How to Test the Amperes of a Car Battery?

Your vehicle depends on its battery to not only start the engine, but also to continuously provide energy for the ignition system during driving. If the battery's cranking amps are lower than the v... Read More »

How to Connect an Automotive Amperes Meter?

When you build a custom car, there are many systems that you want to keep an eye on. One of those is the alternator so that you can determine if it's consistently producing the correct amperage. To... Read More »