When was the first home air conditioning invented?

Answer Willis Carrier patented the first air conditioner in 1902. Air conditioning steadily became more popular in commercial buildings, then was installed in trains and automobiles. Henry Galson introduc... Read More »

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Who invented central air conditioning?

Willis Haviland Carrier created the first central air conditioning unit. He earned a patent for his creation in 1906 for an "apparatus for treating air" and sold his first unit later that year to a... Read More »

What was the date when W.H. Carrier invented air conditioning?

Willis H. Carrier invented the first modern air conditioner unit in 1902 in Brooklyn, New York. Carrier's invention was called the "Apparatus for Treating Air" and was built for use by a local busi... Read More »

Who invented the air conditioning unit that was patented on July 12, 1949?

Frederick McKinley Jones invented the first refrigerated truck unit, which was patented on July 12, 1949. This system is also used for the transportation of perishable foods on railway cars and shi... Read More »

How to Fix the Air Conditioning in a Car?

The air conditioner of a car is a multi-component piece of machinery that is most like a refrigerator. The air conditioner is meant to remove the warm air from the car by pushing in cool air. This ... Read More »