Who invented Windex glass cleaner with ammonia in it?

Answer Windex was invented in 1933 by Harry R. Drackett. Although ammonia was not one of Windex's original ingredients, it was later added to the formula after World War II. Ammonia was introduced primari... Read More »

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Who invented glass cleaner with ammonia?

Harry R. Drackett, and alumnus of Ohio State University, invented the first brand of glass cleaner in 1933. The product was reformulated after World War II, at which time modern surfactants and ch... Read More »

Who invented windex glass cleaner?

In 1935 a home cleaning product called Windex was introduced by the Drackett Company, a Cincinnati, Ohio, company founded by Philip William Drackett. After success with a chemical drain cleaner cal... Read More »

Who invented glass cleaner wiith ammonia in it?

The first glass cleaner marketed with ammonia in it was Windex. It was invented by Harry R. Drackett in 1933. At that time, there was not enough ammonia added for cleaning ability; it was used as ... Read More »

Can i use glass cleaner with ammonia in it to clean my scanner glass top and bottom?

Advised to use glass cleaner. Ammonia are not not advised use.