Who invented Webkinz?

Answer Webkinz are manufactured by the Ganz Corporation, founded by Samuel Ganz. The Toronto-based company opened in 1950 and is still owned by the Ganz family. Webkinz were introduced, in 2005. The plush... Read More »

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How do you make a webkinz studio in webkinz world?

The Webkinz Studio is available in the Toys & Books section of the W-Shop. To use it, first put it into your room. Then click on it and your pet will walk over and being playing with it. To start m... Read More »

How much are WebKinz?

In 2009, prices for WebKinz ranged from $10 to $20. Online stores usually have lower prices, but gift stores, such as Hallmark, often have "buy-one-get-one" sales. Resellers on auction sites may al... Read More »

What is new webkinz?

If you have children, you have probably seen or heard of Webkinz, the cute and adorable plush animals from Ganz Toys. Your child and his or her pet can also enjoy learning adventures by playing gam... Read More »


Do NOT give away your password or let anyone else into your account.All you need to do is feed your webkinz and put it to bed before you leave town. It's happiness will go down, but it will not di... Read More »