Who invented VHS tapes?

Answer VHS tapes were originally invented by JVC (Victor Company of Japan, Limited) in 1976. Although videocassettes were available prior to 1976, the invention of the VHS tape led to its mass commerciali... Read More »

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Who invented audio tapes?

Marvin Camras (1916-1995) invented magnetic recording and held more than 500 patents including those for audio recording tape, videotape and various recording heads. He spent most of his career at ... Read More »

Who invented cassette tapes&car stereos?

The first audio cassette tape, also called the compact cassette, was invented in 1963 by the Phillips Company for recording dictations. Earl Muntz created the first commercially available 110-volt ... Read More »

When were cassette tapes invented?

According to Project C-90, the dutch electronics company Philips invented cassette tapes in 1962 to increase portability over vinyl records. Philips started selling cassette tapes, which used high-... Read More »

When were audio cassette tapes invented?

According to the Audio Engineering Society, BASF created the first magnetic tape made of plastic in 1935. In 1936, it used this tape to create the first tape recording of a symphony concert. The co... Read More »