What year was the portable toilet invented?

Answer The portable toilet was invented sometime in the 1940s. The toilet came about in the shipbuilding yards of California when builders realized how much time and money they lost each time a laborer ha... Read More »

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What year was the toilet bowl invented?

Versions of the modern toilet bowl were used by the ancient Minoans and Romans, but the toilet as we know it was probably invented by Sir John Harrington. According to The Toilet Museum, the 16th c... Read More »

Who invented toilet paper rolls?

Zeth Wheeler is credited with the invention of the toilet paper roll. In 1871 he was granted a patent for rolled wrapping paper and in 1874 established the Rolled Wrapping Paper Company. Struggling... Read More »

Who invented the toilet paper holder?

Mary Beatrice Kenner is credited with being the inventor of the toilet paper holder on Oct. 19, 1982. The idea behind her invention was to keep the free end of the toilet paper accessible to those ... Read More »

Who invented the locking double toilet paper holder?

On May 12, 1964, the U.S. Patent Office issued patent number 3,132,819 with serial number 197,489 to Francis J. Moore of Minneapolis for his invention of "an improved double toilet paper roll holde... Read More »