Who invented Spray'n Wash?

Answer Herbet H. Dow, who founded Dow Chemical Company, is the inventor of Spray 'n Wash. It was invented in 1970 along with Ziploc baggies. At this time it was only available in an aerosol can but in 197... Read More »

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When were galvanized wash tubs invented?

Luigi Galvani developed the process called galvanization between 1795 and 1805, according to The Free Dictionary. His technique for treatment of medical ailments led to galvanization, the process o... Read More »

Can I machine wash my Joe Rocket polyester mesh jacket in a gentle wash?

cold water gentle wash hang to dry. should be all right.

I have some cotton nightgowns .. how do i wash them.. do i wash them separately or mixed in with my?

It all depends if they are all white or different colors. If they're different colors - then just wash them with your other clothing that is also different colors. If they are white - then they m... Read More »

If you dont wash your hair for 2 - 3 weeks does it wash itself?

Sounds like her hair used to be really greasy because she washed it way too often and possibly striped it from its natural oils. Or she could've been using shampoo/conditioner that wasn't suited fo... Read More »