Who invented Sony?

Answer The Sony Corporation was founded by Akio Morita. Mr. Morita was born in Nagoya, Japan in 1921 and studied physics at Osaka Imperial University. He founded Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corpo... Read More »

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When were Sony DataTiles invented?

An exact date for the invention of the Sony DataTiles system is unknown. Jun Rekimoto, Brygg Ullmer and Haruo Oba possibly explored the idea as early as 1997, basing the concept in part on the desi... Read More »

Who invented Sony PlayStation?

The Sony PlayStation was originally a joint endeavor made by Sony and Nintendo as an add-on for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The head of the project was Sony's Ken Kutaragi, creator of ... Read More »

Who invented the Sony Walkman?

The Sony Corporation invented the Sony Walkman. The man chiefly responsible for the development of the invention was the company's then-executive deputy president, Norio Ohga. He became Sony's CEO ... Read More »

What year was the Sony Walkman invented?

The Sony Walkman, a personal audiocassette player, was invented in 1979. This invention has led to the development of personal compact disk and digital music devices as music and recording technolo... Read More »