When were grinding rollerblades invented?

Answer Grinding rollerblades were developed in the early 1990s. Jess Dyenforth made some the earliest modifications to traditional inline skates. In 1992, companies like Hyper, Cozmo and Kryptonics began ... Read More »

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What year were rollerblades invented?

Inline skates originally were invented in 1891, but abandoned for favor of the quad skate. Rollerblade was founded in 1980, and by 1986 Rollerblade was introduced to the public as fitness equipment... Read More »

What was invented first the skateboard or rollerblades?

The skateboard was invented and popularized over a decade before the creation of rollerblades. Skateboards first became popular in the 1950s amongst the surfing community. While the exact date of t... Read More »

How to Do a 360 on Rollerblades?

This "how to" will teach you how to do a 360 on rollerblades (preferably off a ledge or ramp).

How to Turn on Rollerblades?

Turning on rollerblades is very easy and doesn't require much practice. Here are the steps to turning, from easy to intermediate/fast to hard/fun/show-off.