Who invented Irish step dancing?

Answer History indicates that no one person invented Irish step dancing. Irish step dancing took its current form in the late 18th century when dance masters began traveling around Ireland, teaching dance... Read More »

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Irish Step Dancing Instructions?

When you think of St. Patrick's Day dancers or of professional Irish dancing shows, you probably think of precise and intricate footwork combined with high kicks and graceful leaps. If you're not a... Read More »

How to Start Irish Step Dancing?

Irish Step Dancing is a fun and engaging form of dance that originated in Ireland. It has gone from a little known cultural activity to a worldwide phenomenon due to shows like Riverdance and Lord ... Read More »

How to Curl Hair for Irish Step Dancing?

Irish step dancers wear their hair curly for all of their performances. Creating spiral curls is easy to do if you plan ahead. The length of your hair doesn't matter, unless it is very short. If yo... Read More »

How to Have Proper Stance in Irish Step Dancing?

In order to Irish Step Dance correctly, you need to be able to do dance position. The Irish dance position is the same for the beginning of all Irish dances (whether it is a beginner's reel or a ch... Read More »