Who invented Harley-Davidson motorcycles?

Answer In 1903, William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson offered the first production Harley-Davidson motorcycle, which was built as a racing motorcycle. Their factory was a 10-by-15 foot shed with "Harley-D... Read More »

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What does FX mean in Harley-Davidson motorcycles?

FX is a designation used by Harley-Davidson to identify its Dyna Glide motorcycle series. The Dyna series is typically identified by its small-diameter front forks, narrow front tire and dual coil-... Read More »

Types of Harley-Davidson Motorcycles?

In its long history, Harley-Davidson has made its name producing motorcycles that take equal advantage of tradition and innovation to win the admiration of motorcycle enthusiasts. Between fully out... Read More »

What are your impressions of Harley Davidson motorcycles...?

I've owned both Jap bikes and Harley. I currently ride a 2002 Harley FXD. It is a great bike. It is very comfortable, it looks good, sounds better, never has left me on the side of the road, has... Read More »

Facts About Harley Davidson Motorcycles?

The Harley-Davidson brand name is synonymous with American-made motorcycles. Since the Indian Motorcycle Company went out of business in 1954, Harley-Davidson has had no domestic competition. The r... Read More »