Who invented HVAC systems?

Answer In 1906, Willis Haviland Carrier was granted a patent for an "Apparatus for Treating Air" (U.S. Pat# 808897). Air conditioning for comfort rather than industrial use began in 1924 when Carrier ... Read More »

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What is a hvac systems specialist?

HVAC systems are the networks of duct work, registers and equipment used for heating, ventilation and air conditioning in buildings of all types. HVAC systems specialists are trained to install, ma... Read More »

OSHA Requirements for HVAC Systems?

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning, or HVAC, systems are an important installation in industrial and office buildings where temperature and humidity needs to be regulated. The Occupational S... Read More »

Can propylene glycol replace ethylene glycol in HVAC systems?

Propylene glycol can safely replace ethylene glycol in HVAC systems. Due to ethylene glycol's toxicity, propylene glycol is commonly used in the HVAC systems of food-processing plants and other in... Read More »

Who invented debit card systems?

The debit card system was invented by Frenchman Roland Moreno in 1974. Moreno was only 29 years old when he introduced the debit card system. In 1983, the Danish company Dankort began issuing debit... Read More »