Who invented Gardasil?

Answer Gardasil was invented by Australian Prof. Ian Frazer and the late Dr. Jian Zhou, who began their research in 1991 on a vaccine to prevent the human papillomavirus in young women and girls. The vac... Read More »

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I've had it. The full Guardasil vaccine is 3 shots, taken months apart. The needle is not super large or anything, and a good nurse will do it to where you wont really feel it too much. It doesn't ... Read More »

Do you pay for a second Gardasil shot?

On One Hand: Those Who are InsuredSeveral health insurance companies do cover the cost of the vaccine. Generally there is a one-time fee or just the co-pay for the vaccine and you are not required ... Read More »

Can you use Gardasil when you have CIN2?

On One Hand: Ineffective for TreatmentAccording to, the vaccination Gardasil is not effective in treating active cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN) caused by the human papilloma vir... Read More »

Can Gardasil be given to males?

Yes. A recent study has shown that Gardasil is 90% effective at preventing genital warts in males. Genital warts are caused by HPV (Human Papiloma Virus). Genital warts are responsible for most pen... Read More »