Who invented Dial soap?

Answer Robert E. Casely, a chemist, invented Dial soap. Casely was the first to use a bacteria-killing germicide in soap. Other soaps used a substance that would prevent perspiration from breaking down i... Read More »

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What year was Dial Soap invented?

Dial Soap, especially developed to fight perspiration odor, was introduced by the Armour company in 1948. Besides 14 different oils giving it a light clover scent, Dial had an antibacterial substan... Read More »

Is Dial basic soap non-alkaline?

No, Dial basic soap is not non-alkaline. Dial basic soap is made using sodium hydroxide or lye which has a pH level of 14. Having a 14 pH makes Dial a high-level alkaline soap.References:DocStoc: M... Read More »

How to See "Dial" from Inside the Bar of Soap?

When you start a new bar of Dial soap you might ask yourself "What would the 'Dial' look like from the inside of the bar?" You might think that you could just hold the soap in front of a mirror but... Read More »

Is Dial Basics soap non-alkaline?

Dial's Basics soap is alkaline, as it is made with a combination of oils and alkaline. Lye, added to make the soap effective at cleaning, is the alkaline ingredient in Dial Basics soap.References:J... Read More »