Who invented Computer Virus/Worms/Trojan Horses in the 1st place?

Answer Bill gates LOL……

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Computer Viruses & Trojan Horses?

Microsoft defines a computer virus as "a small software program designed to spread from one computer to another and to interfere with computer operation." Viruses are a major threat to computers in... Read More »

How to Collect Breyer Horses or Other Model Horses?

A Breyer Classic MustangThis is how to start collecting Breyer or any kind of model horse.This article features How to display and how to keep them in good condition.

How can I place my pictures in my computer Sorry not Computer savvy~?

You can use a digital camera to take pics and upload them, or you can buy a scanner and scan them in. HP has the best stuff around with reasonable prices.

Which nationality invented place value?

The Babylonians invented the earliest written place values. In order to do complex calculations, Babylonians used a devise, the abacus, in which beads have a value based upon their column. To expre... Read More »