When was chex mix invented?

Answer Chex Mix was invented in 1955 as a do-it-at-home recipe by the Ralston Purina company as a way to push their cereals. However, the brand name "Chex Mix" wasn't registered until 1990, according to t... Read More »

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How to Make Chex Mix?

Chex Mix became popular in the 50s, when it was served at a holiday party given by the wife of an executive of Ralston-Purina (the company the invented Chex cereal). [1] It is one of several "TV mi... Read More »

How is Chex mix made?

Chex mix is a very simple recipe. It requires the combination of several types of crunchy, dry snack foods, including Chex brand cereals made by General Mills, which are then seasoned and lightly b... Read More »

Where did Chex mix originate from?

Chex mix "was dreamed up by the savvy folks at Ralston Purina--a St. Louis company--as a way to push its Chex Brand cereals (wheat, corn, and rice)," according to a quote from The American Century ... Read More »

Can you think of recipes with chex and/or life?

Put them on a cookie sheet and bake a little, then when cool you crush them. Sprinkle on veggies like grilled eggplant. Use them to top a parfait. Maybe even use as a coating on veggie and pan fry.