Who introduced the Chinese exclusion act of 1822?

Answer Chester Alan Arthur

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What was the Chinese Exclusion Act's effect in China?

America's Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, which suspended immigration of Chinese, sent a wave of anti-American sentiment throughout China that culminated in 1905, when the Qing court refused to rene... Read More »

When were Chinese chestnut trees introduced to the US?

First introduced in 1904, the Chinese chestnut tree exposed American chestnut trees to a blight that kills the native tree. Horticulturists crossbreed the two types of trees for pest resistance and... Read More »

How to Deal With Exclusion?

Are you the one that's always left out?The one that people always forget about? The one that is never the one you love to hate? The one who can never step up and be popular? If so, here's how to rock!

What Is a Homestead Exclusion?

A homestead exclusion reduces the amount of property tax due on a private property used as a permanent residence. Homestead exclusion provisions are included in local tax laws to reduce the overall... Read More »