Who improved the barcode scanner?

Answer Various inventors had been working on inventory tracking technology when David Collins developed several innovations that made the barcode scanner work. He used a colored (later black and white) co... Read More »

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How come barcode scanner can scan barcode upside down with same results..?

Yes. Each barcode (whether it is UPC, EAN, Code 39, etc.) includes a start and stop character. Depending which is encountered first will tell the scanner what direction it is reading the barcode. W... Read More »

Is there any Barcode Scanner Application for PC that would take a barcode and give you the product's info + $?

Yes, there are several that will import the data into a Windows PC. You may then need to reformat into a .csv or excel file, though, or perhaps there is some extra software for that. The softeksoft... Read More »

Who should I use for a barcode scanner?

Just go to see what Checkway has, they have great support and prices for their products.

Barcode number scanner?

Barcode scanners nearly all work by pretending to be keyboards - they either plug in via USB and look like a keyboard to the PC, or they come with a splitter cable to go between the real keyboard a... Read More »