Who improved the barcode scanner?

Answer Various inventors had been working on inventory tracking technology when David Collins developed several innovations that made the barcode scanner work. He used a colored (later black and white) co... Read More »

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Is there any Barcode Scanner Application for PC that would take a barcode and give you the product's info + $?

Yes, there are several that will import the data into a Windows PC. You may then need to reformat into a .csv or excel file, though, or perhaps there is some extra software for that. The softeksoft... Read More »

How come barcode scanner can scan barcode upside down with same results..?

Yes. Each barcode (whether it is UPC, EAN, Code 39, etc.) includes a start and stop character. Depending which is encountered first will tell the scanner what direction it is reading the barcode. W... Read More »

What is a barcode scanner?

Bar code scanners are computer hardware that read bar codes; a series of bars and spaces that represent text, similar to the dots and dashes used in Morse Code. The transmission is decoded by a com... Read More »

Who should I use for a barcode scanner?

Just go to see what Checkway has, they have great support and prices for their products.