Who imports Gevalia coffee?

Answer Gevalia Kaffe Import Service imports Gevalia coffee. Their headquarters is in Dover, Delaware. Gevalia coffee is not sold in stores in the United States; it is delivered directly to the customer by... Read More »

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How to Operate the Gevalia XCC-12 Coffee Pot?

The Gevalia XCC-12 is a stylish coffee part with a re-usable filter basket. This means that you'll never have to buy paper disposable filters, which is good for the environment. Getting started wit... Read More »

Who makes Gevalia coffee makers?

Gevalia is a coffee and tea manufacturer based in Sweden. The company also produces coffee makers as well as other kitchenware and utensils. Prices on the coffee makers range from $14.95 to $169.95... Read More »

How to Get a Free Coffee Maker from Gevalia?

What if you want a new coffee maker, but you don’t want to pay for it? Fortunately, there is an easy way to get a coffee maker for a very small price online. This article will teach you how to ta... Read More »

Is Gevalia coffee made in Sweden?

Processed into a final drinkable product, yes. In Gävle. Grown in Sweden? No!