Who holds us patent 4608967&what is it for?

Answer Since September 2, 1986, Ralph R. Piro holds U.S. Patent 4608967 for the Pat On the Back Apparatus. The device sits on your shoulder with its simulated hand on your back. When you need a pat on the... Read More »

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Who holds the us patent on the internet?

While much of the technologies used in the composition of the internet are patented, the internet itself, a vast network of interconnected computers, is not held under patent. Much of the computer ... Read More »

Who holds the patent on the paperclip?

William D. Middlebrook holds the patent for the paperclip. The patent was issued in early November 1899. Middlebrook also invented the machine in which to produce the paperclip. A company called Cu... Read More »

Who holds the patent for the television?

Philo Taylor, an inventor from Beaver, Utah, received the patent for the television on August 26, 1930. Farnsworth created the original electrical television image, which included contrast, control... Read More »

Who holds the u.s. paper clip patent?

As of 2010, the U.S. patent holder for the paper clip is Wen C. Yu of Houston, Texas. The paper clip has been improved on several times since its invention in the 19th century.References:Free Paten... Read More »