Who hires a forensic serologist?

Answer Because a forensic serologist examines blood residue at the scene of a crime, he is hired by police departments, lawyers, crime labs and the courts to help prove the facts of the case. Blood is c... Read More »

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What is a forensic serologist?

Forensic serologists are blood experts who analyze blood samples as part of a criminal investigation process. According to Austin Peay criminology professor Dr. Thomas O'Connor, forensic serologist... Read More »

Who employs a forensic serologist?

Forensic serologists are tasked with studying blood and other body fluids that are found at the scene of a crime. Employers can include law enforcement agencies, crime labs, medical facilities an... Read More »

Who hires someone at 14?

I'd get out the phone book and start calling around, although prepare to be patient because not many places hire those under 15 for insurance, legal reasons. Your best bet would probably be to fin... Read More »

Where can i go for a job that hires 15 yrs?

Sounds like it's all fast food places at this point - locally you can try Ritters or Culvers.