Who here want's some of my SMILEX?

Answer haha yea man, i do.

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My boyfriend wants to buy me some new lingerie, and wants to know where to shop for the best pull up bras?…He might try this place.

My friend has got hold of some crack cocaine, he wants me to take some with him.?

YES YOU WILL GET HOOKED (ESPECIALLY CRACK, IT'S ONE OF THE MOST ADDICTIVE) he's not a good friend if he's trying to get you hooked on drugs. I just got out of a rehab program because of my alcohol... Read More »

If a 10 year old wants her stepfather to adopt her against her biological fathers wishes. Bio father has some contact but child wants stepfather to adopt. Will the court in VA recognize her desires?

The cps office here in Indiana wants us to sign our parental rights over and put our kids up for adoption but do we have to do that?

No, if they're asking you to sign them over, you don't have to. But that doesn't mean that you'll keep those rights (they can be terminated involuntarily if you aren't meeting your case plan) They... Read More »