Who here hates Facebook, My space and twitter star if you hate one of them?

Answer I see most of my friends everyday, so these sites are pointless for me.

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Is there anyone here who loves Yahoo Answers but hates Facebook?

Yahoo answers is a great place to ask and learn but to me face book just seems like a waste of time.

I hate social networking, but since people insist, should I do twitter, myspace, or facebook?

Don't be a geek. They are all lame. Do you want to waste your life in front of your computer or your phone? Go to a bar. Now that is cool and you are never too old to go.

What is with the Jersey Shore people Star if you hate them!?

I completely get what you're saying and I agree.. However I watch the show because I just can't believe that these people are so egotistical. I can't help but watch because its unbelievable. My bf ... Read More »

Who here HATES the Jonas Brothers?

NOT ME!!thats for sure!I LOVE them!Anyone who HATES them are FRUIT CAKES with a cherry on top, rainbow colored sprinkes, chocolate sauce, a banana, nuts, 3 HUGE spoonfuls of WHIP cream and STRAWBER... Read More »