Who here has ever had a "chip butty"?

Answer It's really nice. Just slap a couple of chips in between the bread, add a bit of ketchup (or whichever sauce is to your liking) and enjoy having quite the taste experience.

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How to Make a Chip Butty?

A Chip Butty is a chip sandwich.The natural home of the chip butty is Britain (a chip butty is an exotic beast in the USA); therefore the term nearly always refers to a sandwich made from what is c... Read More »

I want a bacon butty, what should I do?

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For a memory chip size of 4096 by 8 how many pages is on the chip?

No, but even if you did jailbreak it, a jailbreaked iPhone would quickly be spotted by AT and T, it is ok to jailbreak an iTouch cause AT and T won't spot it, but don't blame me if your iTouch breaks.

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