Who here has ever had a "chip butty"?

Answer It's really nice. Just slap a couple of chips in between the bread, add a bit of ketchup (or whichever sauce is to your liking) and enjoy having quite the taste experience.

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How to Make a Chip Butty?

A Chip Butty is a chip sandwich.The natural home of the chip butty is Britain (a chip butty is an exotic beast in the USA); therefore the term nearly always refers to a sandwich made from what is c... Read More »

Do you ever wonder whether the RTV "stars" we talk about ever come on here & read it?

i reckon they do gart maybe there the ones that report us pmsl

Where was the first ever fish&chip shop?

Joseph Malin opened the first fish and chips shop in England in 1860, according to Located in London's East End, the shop was the first to combine fried fish and fried chips into one dis... Read More »

What is the best chocolate chip cookie recipe ever?

I GUARANTEE THIS to be the BEST recipe EVER!! We have made these and taken them to the bank, our Insurance Agent, Friends, Family Dinners, etc... People BEG me for the recipe!!!1/2 cup rolled oats... Read More »