Who here can agree with me that HP printers are absolutely horrible?

Answer hey I love my HP printer

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Does anyone else agree that the Doctors and GP in this Country (England) are absolutely useless?

Good point (long story) Lets say no-one more than me.You're the Kung Fu Panda I have dreamt about my life is complete.

Does anyone agree that hidden valley is a horrible dressing for a salad?

Kraft makes a fat-free Italian dressing- 15 calories for 2 tablespoons.I agree. Dousing lettuce in full-fat dairy seems a bit oxymoronic.

Does anyone else agree that Season 6 of the TV show Highlander had horrible episodes except for the last three?

Definitely yes as the show did not even seem the same. It was almost as if they might as well have ended it after Season 5- but they did have to have episodes resolving what was going on with the Z... Read More »

Horrible, HORRIBLE neck pain?

Is this pretty much the first time for the pain?Because if its a chronic pain, the the steps to take are gonna be different from acute pain.You are saying you were sick for 2 days, and woke up with... Read More »