Who helps a violinist give birth during a snowstorm?

Answer Answer a doctor

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Who helps give birth in your home?

Upon choosing a home birth, your local maternity unit should allocate you a dedicated midwife who is usually the midwife who will attend the birth. Most regions do have a limited number of midwifes... Read More »

What helps a women give birth?

Well back in old, women had to give birth ALL by themselves!!! BUT a doctor can help now days, or a husband, or basically any human being who is willing (and knows how) to help.

What of the name of a doctor who helps a paitent give birth?

The two more commonly used people to deliver a baby are: obstetrician and midwife. Both are trained in the delivery of babies, the approaches they use are different. Obstetricians are trained to de... Read More »

What type of doctor helps women give birth in hospital?

obgynYes, an obgyn (obstetrician/gynecologist) is the one who will "deliver" your baby. However, he doesn't HELP you give birth,as in he doesn't stay with you throughout labor and give you emotiona... Read More »