Who helped to create the California flag?

Answer In 1846, insurgents in Sonoma, took Commandant Mariano Vallejo prisoner and proclaimed California independent from Mexico. This was known as the Bear Revolt. These men made a rudimentary flag symbo... Read More »

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How many people helped make the U.S. flag?

The original American flag was made by one person, Betsy Ross, in 1776. She sewed thirteen strips and thirteen stars in a circular pattern, representing the states of Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Je... Read More »

Why is the star on the California flag red?

The state flag of California, also known as the Bear Flag, is based largely on the design of a flag created in 1846 by a group of American settlers in California revolting against Mexican rule of t... Read More »

California Flag Etiquette?

Like all state and national flags, the California flag must be treated with a special respect. Understanding California flag etiquette is the first step toward making sure the flag is always treate... Read More »

What Is the Meaning Behind the California Flag?

Symbolizing California's independence from Mexico in the months leading up to the Mexican-American war, the cotton emblem that was to become the California state flag was first raised in 1846 by a ... Read More »