Who has won the most major golf tournaments?

Answer As of June 2010, golfer Jack Nicklaus holds the record for victories in the most tournaments considered major events on the schedule, winning 18 majors. Nicklaus won the Masters six times, the Brit... Read More »

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Is it standard to pay to volunteer at golf tournaments?

Volunteers are generally not paid for their services during a PGA Tour event. But volunteers are usually required to purchase uniforms for approximately $160. Training sessions are also required f... Read More »

How many golf tournaments did Arnold Palmer win?

Arnold Palmer won 92 pro golf tournaments between 1955 and 1988. Of those wins, 61 came on the PGA Tour, 19 in international events and 12 on the Senior Tour. He won the Masters four times, the Bri... Read More »

How many tournaments are in a golf Grand Slam?

There are four tournaments that make up golf's unofficial Grand Slam: the Masters, United States Open, British Open and PGA Championship. No golfer has won these four major tournaments in one seas... Read More »

Who makes golf towels for the Masters Golf Tournament?

Golf towels for the Masters Golf Tournament are made by Campus Sportswear Inc. in Champaign, Ill. Campus Sportswear's website makes PGA golf shirts and windshirts available for sale to the public.... Read More »