Who has to have insurance on the car the cosigner or the buyer?

Answer Answer You insure a vehicle. Answer The buyer. The only thing the cosigner is responsible for is paying the bank back the money it loaned if the buyer doesn't. obvious The principal driver of the... Read More »

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Do both the buyer and co-buyer have to be on same insurance policy even if one never drives the car?

AnswerAs the co-signer has a financial interest in the property, meaning if something happens to the vehicle he can be made to pay "All" the bills, Then he should certainly be insured on the policy... Read More »

Do you have to put the auto insurance in your name if the co-buyer wants to insure it by herself?

Answer You both have to be named on the insurance policy because you still can be jointly sued as being co-owner of veh.

What happens if cosigner does not carry renters insurance?

Renters insurance generally does cover flying/falling objects. I do believe that a bullet would fall into that category. Please remember that you may have a deductible to face.

I have bad credit, i have no cosigner, already got some $ from fed loans, but it's not enough.. wat can i do?

Some student loans are possible without co-signerI found interesting information about your answer, college loans with low interests, scholarships, college grants here. Goodhttp://all-student-loan... Read More »