Alaska Airline Cruises?

Answer Sailing practically anywhere in the world, Alaska Airlines Cruises offers passengers the opportunity to customize their cruise preference. Passengers can sail on traditional cruise ships or spend t... Read More »

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Hi. My sons do not want their friends to see "their mothers", (me) profile picture.?

Use an arbitrary Icon instead....something that won't really mean anything like a cartoon character or a flower. I have children and they told me the same thing.

Why are only a few people brave enough to put their picture on their account?

Because I like to maintain my anonymity. There are a lot of weirdos on this site, asking a lot of hateful questions. I like to tangle with them, and try to get them to think (a waste of time, I kno... Read More »

At what age do peacocks get their tail feathers?

Peacocks typically get their beautiful tail feathers at the age of 3 years when they begin to enter their mating prime. They molt their feathers once a year and the subsequent feathers grow in leng... Read More »

Do land turtles have a stinger in their tail?

None of the many species of land turtles have a stinger in their tail. Depending on the species, a turtle's tail may be short and barely noticeable or long and tapered. Some form a narrow tip that ... Read More »