Who has the words to an old favorite song: "The Beer Barrel Polka"?

Answer There's a garden, what a garden,Only happy faces bloom there,And there's never any room there,For a worry or a gloom thereOh there's music and there's dancing,And a lot of sweet romancingWhen they ... Read More »

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How to Oak Beer in a Used Bourbon Barrel?

Many microbreweries and some homebrewers age beer in used oak bourbon barrels. As would be expected, this form of “oaking” imbues beer with the distinct flavors of oak wood and bourbon, but as ... Read More »

How many pitchers of beer are in a half barrel?

A half barrel of beer holds 1,920 oz. of beer, or 5 gallons. The standard pitcher size for a bar pitcher used to fill draft beer from a half barrel is 60 ounces. A half barrel thus contains 32 60-o... Read More »

Beer drinkers poll: What is your favorite beer?

Stella Artois. (I just stick to the Italian beer) orPresidente (From Dominican Republic, yes, they also have their own beer) LOL !!!!!!!!

Poll for beer drinkers: What is your favorite beer?

when and if i drink beer, mgd, or corona!♥