What are potato sacks made of?

Answer According to, burlap bags are used to hold and store potatoes. Webster's New World College Dictionary defines burlap as "...a coarse cloth made of jute or hemp, used for making sacks... Read More »

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Garden Spider Egg Sacks?

Spiders in general are typically considered beneficial insects due to their tendency to hunt and eat other insect species that are most bothersome to humans, such as mosquitoes and flies. Spiders t... Read More »

How do I identify spider egg sacks?

AppearanceThe egg sac of a spider is a small round, ball shaped pouch that is made of the silk material a spider produces. It can contain hundreds of eggs.LocationThe egg sac may be located in a va... Read More »

What material were feed sacks made of?

Feed sacks were originally made of unbleached, plain cotton material. Cotton was a cheap material and economical for companies to use as packaging. During the 1920s, more colorful versions of feed ... Read More »

What fabric are feed sacks made of?

Historically, some feed sacks were made out of a course fabric called burlap which is woven from hemp or jute. Others, especially for chicken feed, were made out of patterned cotton which was somet... Read More »