Do the music charts, or record sales make any difference to you?

Answer my thoughts exactly.

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What is the average time for banks to approve short sales?

Bank approvals on short sales can take anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months. A recent Insider Mortgage survey quoted in USA Today found that the average bank approval for a short sale was 9.5 weeks.So... Read More »

Who holds the Red Sox all-time home run record?

Ted Williams holds the Boston Red Sox's all-time home run record. He hit 521 home runs during his career with the team. Williams also has the highest batting average for any Red Sox player, with a ... Read More »

Why does my webcam turn itself off every time i try to record?

How to Read a Book in Record Time?

Does it take you a while to read a book? Have you ever wished you could read it in a few days? Well, this is the place to see how you can get there!