Who has the most friends on

Answer I know at one point, Steve Hofstetter had approx. 200,000 friends on Facebook. (He started out on a quest to get 10,000, then 100,000... The friends kept coming.) However, they reset his profile... Read More »

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How to Get the Most out of Your Office Space?

Do you think your office space is crowded and unorganized? Here are some great tips for you to get rid of that feeling and increase your productivity.

What is the most famous US space program?

As of now, the best-known and most historically important US space program would be the Apollo missions, from 1967 to 1972. Collectively, they produced the following milestones: The first manned or... Read More »

What has been the most recent space mission?

in march 2011. it was the last space mission by a shuttle ever for the americans.

When was the most recent launch of the space shuttle?

Answer: The most recent launch was yesterday, Monday, April 5th, 2010. The orbiter Discovery blasted off at 6:20am as STS-131.