Who has the most friends on

Answer I know at one point, Steve Hofstetter had approx. 200,000 friends on Facebook. (He started out on a quest to get 10,000, then 100,000... The friends kept coming.) However, they reset his profile... Read More »

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How to Be Friends With the Most Popular Older Girls?

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Who is the person with the most facebook friends in the world?

Steve Hofstetter! He has 200,000 FRIENDS!! OMGG

How to Be the Most Interesting Girl in Your Bunch of Friends?

Have you ever wanted to be the kinda girl that EVERYONE loves? she's not bitchy, she's not wild. people just love her? Well, that's because she's INTERESTING. Read this and get the full idea on how... Read More »

Which Friends character do you think you're most like?

although i'm a woman, i'm sth between ross and chandler (aka studies a lot, cynical and pretty sentimental).it's a weird mixture i admit