Longest-Lasting Hair Extension Method?

Answer Hair extensions are an excellent way to temporarily change your look or add subtle or dramatic length to your hair. Regardless of your hair type --- fine, medium, or coarse --- extensions are readi... Read More »

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What is the record for the longest hair grown out of a human ear?

As of March 2010, the world record for the longest ear hair is held by Anthony Victor of India, whose hair grew to 7.12 inches from the center of his outer ears in August of 2007.Source:Guinness Wo... Read More »

Which Brown Home Hair Dye Lasts Longest?

If you are thinking of coloring your hair a shade of brown, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Some types of brown hair dye can fade faster than others, which can lead to excessive ma... Read More »

What is the world record for the longest human hair?

According to the Guinness World Records, a Chinese woman currently holds the record for the longest hair known and documented. Xie Qiuping's tresses measure 18 feet, 5.54 inches. The record, establ... Read More »

What is the longest you've ever grown your hair ?

aaarrrrrr! had it down to me waist at one time matey.