What is the highest the Dow as gone in one day?

Answer The largest one-day gain in the history of the Dow occurred on Monday October 13, 2008, with the Dow closing up 936.42 points, or 11 percent. Before this historic gain, the Dow had dropped for eigh... Read More »

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What is the highest SPF in sunscreen?

Neutrogena has come out with a sunscreen product that is 100+ SPF. However, consumers must be alerted that even though the SPF is high, it is not much more effective than those with 50 SPF or even ... Read More »

What is the highest F.I.C.O. score?

According to, the highest achievable FICO score, also known as your credit score, is 850. To raise your FICO score, recommends paying your bills on time, keeping cre... Read More »

What is the highest sales tax?

California has the highest sales tax, which is listed as 8.75 percent. Indiana, Mississippi, New Jersey, Tennessee and Rhode Island all have a sales tax of 7 percent. Minnesota has a sales tax of 6... Read More »

What president had the highest iq?

Although exact IQ scores cannot be presented for all presidents, research psychologist Dean Keith Simonton published a controversial study estimating probable IQ based on the collected works and bi... Read More »