Who has the best computer stand alone scanners?

Answer Umax are the best but they are expensive . Get the HP G-4010 which is much cheaper, inexpensive, and very fast and easy to install. Plus, you can scan slides, negatives, and legal documents.Here is... Read More »

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Can computer scanners pick UV light?

Do computer scanners need ink to scan photographs?

scanners dnt use ink as no output is formed in the form of hard copy , these just form the image

Is it good to have 2 anti virus scanners installed on a computer?

That is not good. Uninstall Norton, I am surprised you haven't run into any problems already. Usually only large corporations feel the need to have the extra protection of multiple virus protecti... Read More »

Can computer scanners pick colors "Invsible" to human eye?

It depends on the scanner. For IR sensitivity take a common TV remote, aim the IR sender of the remote at the scanner and press and hold a button while it scans. Either you'll see a light coming fr... Read More »