Who has the best cell phone plans for families?

Answer On One Hand: AT&T CellularAT&T cellular offers you one of the best family plans available: Nation 700 Family Talk with Rollover Minutes. This plan offers you 700 anytime minutes. It gives you unli... Read More »

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How to Transfer Cell Phone Plans?

Many wireless companies require the customer to sign a contract. While specific terms vary by wireless provider, generally this contract mandates that the subscriber keep the service for one or two... Read More »

How to Compare Cell Phone Carriers' Plans?

Choosing a cell phone carrier involves finding the right plan for your needs. Shopping around is always the best choice when settling on a cell phone carrier, so that you get the plan that works be... Read More »

Does anyone have Verizon's prepaid cell phone plans Are you happy with it?

I used Verizon prepaid in the past. As long as you are only going to call other Verizon carriers it is a good plan. But if you need to call anyone who does not have a Verizon phone it was expencive... Read More »

Why do cell phone companies have overage charges instead of flexible plans?

The phone companies want to make the most profit they can, just like any other business.The best way for them to do that is for you to up your monthly plan. You have $50/mo for 5000 minutes; one m... Read More »