Who has some coffee they could bring me?

Answer I DO!!Come on over and I'll serve it to bed.EDIT: I'm waiting AND making breakfast....EDIT2: I'm not going to duke it out. You'll come over and that's final !

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What tv series from the 90s where some kids could travel in time or perhaps to another univers They used lightning or electricity you think they lived in the desert Main character was a boy?

It sounds vaguely like the Thunderbirds- who did have a top secret Island Base on Tracy Island, but they were all adults.

Why do some people ask questions on here that they could easily google?

Lazy. Lazy. Lazy! By the way, can you tell me how many ounces there are in a cup? Thanks!

Why do some people drive wildly on a motorcycle, knowing that they could get killed?

I believe it is the adrenaline, the open road, and the ability to do more than you can in a car. Stuck in traffic? Not if you're in a motorcycle. I have heard they have the right to go in between c... Read More »

Really big bug bites they look like they could be mosquito but they are much bigger I have 5 of them?