Who has more forests Oregon or Washington?

Answer I'd say Washington state because they have more Bigfoot sightings than Oregon. I think we all know that the Bigfeet love forested areas.

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Is ALDI in Washington state or Oregon?

ALDI is a chain of grocery stores with locations in 31 states from Kansas to the East Coast. As of June 2010, ALDI had 1,000 stores located in the United States. ALDI does not, however, have any lo... Read More »

What river separates Washington& Oregon?

The Columbia River Gorge, part of the Columbia River, forms the border between Washington and Oregon. The Columbia River Gorge is 80 miles long and reaches depths of 4,000 feet. The Columbia River ... Read More »

How far is Eugene, Oregon from Seattle, Washington?

It is 283.38 miles or a 4 hour and 50 minute drive from Eugene, Oregon, to Seattle, Washington. The major route is Highway 5, passing through the cities of Salem and Portland along the way.Referenc... Read More »

How do I compare the average housing prices in Washington& Oregon?

Check a Current SourceVisit one of the many websites that track housing prices and sales for the most current data comparing Washington and Oregon. In general, Washington's housing prices tend to b... Read More »