Who has ever taken Adderall?

Answer My personal experience is just illegal use...But I have friends who have a prescription because they really need it and as far as side effects they can be bad, but as long as you take the dose your... Read More »

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Which is better: Adderall vs. Adderall XR?

On One Hand: Adderall Allows Better Dosage ControlAdderall, like all amphetamines, can produce side effects even in prescribed doses. The most common of these are irritability and insomnia. The abi... Read More »

Have you ever taken the subway?

Have you ever taken a box of pasta to the pediatrician?

I agree that you should do it. It may be best if you can take an actual weight, though. No, don't do it when he isn't in the room. Confront the staff with it. Before they weigh your baby, pull ou... Read More »

Ever taken a train across country?

It's my favorite way to cross the country. You didn't say how far, so I assume overnight train. The first time I took an overnight train, I insisted on getting a sleeper - at the time they had "s... Read More »