Who has custody rights minor birth mom or legal adult birth father?

Answer Single mother has sole control and custody, regardless of age, at the time of the birth. Father has a child support obligation, only.

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Does a father have legal options available when the mother has promoted her boyfriend to the role of father while keeping the birth father with a custody agreement from being able to perform that role?

Answer No, that is not a legal issue.The modification of a custodial order will not change the situation at hand. A judge will not issue an order of how a child should or should not refer to anoth... Read More »

Does the father have legal rights if he is not listed on the birth certificate?

If the father of the child is not listed on the birth certificate, after establishing paternity, he can be added and establish his rights. The court will order him to take a paternity test to deter... Read More »

If the father does not sign the birth certificate does he still have legal rights to the child?

Answer Only if you can prove birth through DNA testing.Yes if the couple are married the husband is assumed to be the father and has custodial rights to a child until proven otherwise.If the coupl... Read More »

Does a biological father have any custodial rights if his name is not on the birth certificate and the mother was married to another man at the time of birth?

Answer Yes, get a blood test and prove it Answer No. What is your motivation? Are you trying to destroy a marriage? Have you done anything to support your child? Given money to pay for medical or... Read More »